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Unwind & Recharge

Relieve stress so you can better cope with everyday ups and downs, with this powerful blend of calming ingredients including magnesium, GABA, valerian root, b-vitamins and 5-HTP.

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  • Help manage feelings of stress, anxiety and unwanted mood changes 
  • Supplement essential nutrients including vitamins B6 and B12, and magnesium
  • Reduce the effects of cognitive decline due to aging 
  • Calm the mind and relax the body to promote restful, quality sleep while improving energy and mood during the day
  • Inhibit the overproduction of glutamate that causes an inability to focus, restlessness and anxiety


This blend provides vitamins that everyone needs to maintain optimal neuro health while promoting feelings of calm and helping with proper sleep.  These ingredients work together to improve dopamine and serotonin production and support optimal function of the central nervous system. This helps fend off cognitive decline due to age, promotes longevity of the entire body and supports an overall healthy, happy and rested lifestyle.



This nutrient, derived from leafy greens, nuts and seeds, helps to regulate your cortisol levels, manage your stress response, and ease muscle tension that can increase with stress.


This herb, native to Europe and parts of Asia, helps to prevent natural enzymes from destroying relaxation neurotransmitters, and increase serotonin levels, balancing your mood.


This inhibitory neurotransmitter, also found in tea and some fermented foods, helps to block chemical messages that trigger your “fight or flight” response, making it easier to relax and find a greater sense of calm.

B6 & B12

These vitamins, sourced from meat, poultry, and fish, help to boost adrenal gland function, which regulates stress-related hormones, helping your body respond to stress in a more positive way.

Full Ingredients

Ingredients: Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Magnesium (as Magnesium Glycinate)

Proprietary blend: GABA, 5-HTP, Valerian Extract

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