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Mitochondrial Support for Healing

If your mitochondria have become worn down and damaged due to years of overuse, you will not be able to heal and recover good health unless they are properly supported.

If you are suffering from fatigue and concentration difficulties, the mitochondria of your nervous system need support. If you are suffering from immune dysfunction, the mitochondria of your immune cells need support. And if you are suffering from symptoms of adrenal fatigue, the mitochondria of your adrenal gland cells need support as well. Then, these systems can begin to function at a higher level. Supporting mitochondrial health and rejuvenation is the foundation of an effective healing program.

The production of cellular energy is a highly dynamic process. Mitochondria burn fuel (carbohydrates and fats) just like a jet engine burns fuel. Similarly, they both generate heat and waste products (free radicals) which can be toxic. Inside the mitochondria, free radicals can build up and damage cellular structures including cell membranes, DNA and the mitochondria themselves.

Fortunately, nature provides the mitochondria a network of antioxidant molecules to deal with this incessant rain of free radicals.

This research identified several key mitochondrial nutrients that, when combined, yield synergistic and clinically significant results. These include:

These nutrients are even more effective when administered with therapeutic dosages of important cofactors including B-vitamins (30-60mg/day), vitamin C (1,000-2,000mg/day), magnesium (100-200mg/day), zinc (15-30mg/day) and selenium (100-200 mcg/day).

The aforementioned mitochondrial nutrients are not commonly found in most multivitamins. KPAX provides these support nutrients for your Mitochondria. By properly supporting mitochondrial function and energy generation, any other treatments or therapies you apply will be more effective. This is because improved mitochondrial functioning helps provide the brain, liver and immune system increased energy so they can function at their highest level.

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